KIN: [kin] noun: a group of persons descended from a common ancestor or constituting a people, clan, tribe, or family. A relative or kinsman. adjective: of the same kind or nature; having affinity.

CAPA: [kah-puh] noun 1: the red cloak of a bullfighter, used chiefly in attracting the attention of the bull and guiding the course of its attack. 2: Robert Andrei Friedmann , 1913–54, U.S. photographer, born in Hungary. KIN CAPA:  ROOTZ UNKNOWN

Hailing from New York City, the band Kin Capa presents a debut concept album, The American Opera. Frontman Lee Capa organized the band around a faux-familial connection and hopes to create a rallying cry for artistic and political integrity. Kin Capa is tribal: a band of soldiers who fight for musical, political and personal freedom using musical instruments as weapons. Kin Capa is a high energy rock band, who drink from a witches’ brew to create a sound or style that’s a little modern, a little anachronistic and full of the blues. Operatic voices delight your ear hole and mind’s eye.

The American Opera has been featured by playlisters and bloggers around the world.

The Story of The American Opera:

The American Opera is a rock opera inspired by the music of the past, but set in the near future, in a not-so-alternate reality. In 2050, under tyrannical rule, imprisoned Americans have lost their voices. Unable to be seen or heard, they’ve lost their faces, races, gender, and culture. Old America has fallen, and after centuries they’ve lost their roots. There is no individuality, but there is one true individual. Then a hooded figure emerges, whose only distinguishing characteristic — whose only characteristic at all! — is a pure, moving voice. Can the strange figure bring the lost Americans back to their roots? Listeners curious about the lyrics can find a libretto on the Kin Capa webpage, along with photos of the imaginary cast.

About the composer:

Lee Capa, son of an Italian-American cabbie, grew up in New York, writing the “score” for The American Opera while living in an apartment behind Juilliard. After relocating to California, he learned to play every instrument he could get his hands on, and found his signature sound in the stylings of Fender and Electro-Harmonix. Later, his debut album emerged as a very personal, coherent solo project. Back home, with the live support of his band as his next of Kin, so to speak, he passes on the stories of rock and roll to future generations.

Kin Capa is represented by the entertainment lawyer George Stein.

The full cast of the American Opera by Kin Capa


Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Kazoo by Lee Capa
Mastering by Duncan Stanbury
Recorded by Barry Hartglass
Website by Brianna Caleri
Promotion and Social by Lee Capa
Photography by Rae Ball