“Fortunately, and unfortunately, all things musical or non-musical in my immediate environment influence me in some way or another.” – Kin Capa frontman, Lee Capa

Kin Capa, a one-man rock band from New York City presents the debut album, The American Opera. The retro-rock opera tells the story of a people who have lost their voices. Then, a savior steps in. In the vein of The Who’s Tommy, The American Opera tells the timely tale through rock music, humor and heart.

Lee Capa wrote and recorded every song featured on The American Opera.

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Kin Capa The American Opera

Recognition for Kin Capa and The American Opera from around the web:

“The frenetic play of his dobro, KIN CAPA (Lee Capa) sings with all of his might in ‘The American Opera’. The single is a shining monument to his talent and foretelling ambitions for his visions…. In his own way, KIN CAPA brings existential and brooding vibes to his single. Whirling with wisdom, dynamic energies, Kin chants in psychedelic pleasures. Pop-rock meets folk, the New York native brings certainty in an uncertain world.” – comeherefloyd

“The punchy percussion and Capa’s emotive quaver reinforces the perfect impression of bravery in the face of seemingly never-ending uncertainty. Fans of The Raspberries and Dave Edmunds may enjoy this one greatly.” – Queen City Sounds and Art

“While there’s a little more glamour to the dramatic American Opera, then a hell of a lot more funk to the really cool, rocky Rootz Generation, and an operatic feel to final track War Psalms: Overture. In short, this is an EP with a hell of a lot going on and mixes things up hugely.” – Gig Radar

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